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SunTek Window Film  website

SunTek is committed to providing the Best Quality Automotive Films at the Best Price. SunTek Automotive Films have the looks that sell themselves and outstanding performance features.


    Exclusive neutral, sputtered all metal construction
    Best "All Metal" film in its class
    Low visual reflectance
    Superior optical clarity
    Lifetime warranty that includes fading

High Performance

    Exclusive charcoal, blue and bronze dyed/metal construction
    Great match for factory tint
    Best heat shrinking film on the market
    Superior optical clarity
    Lifetime warranty


    Exclusive charcoal-dyed construction
    Excellent heat shrinkability
    Superior optical clarity
    Three-year warranty

Bed Liners

Hunter’s Window Tint offers the most advanced product for sprayed on bed liners available today.

When spending money on after market accessories, a truck owner has to consider these three important factors:

  • Will the money I spend help protect my investment?
  • Can it help to increase its value?
  • Does the impact of the accessory effect the look of my truck in a positive way?

Hunter’s Window Tint can answer these questions with a loud YES! In fact so many others agree that spray on bed liners have become the #1 after market necessity for trucks.

Hunter’s Window Tint 20 plus year history in the Houston area can give you confidence that we take care of our customers and stand behind the products we sell.

Madico   website

Madico's mission is to provide high-value, flexible, laminated products and associated services that improve or solve our customer's energy management and safety and security problems. In doing so, Madico maintains a return on investment and growth rate that assures our ability to continue to meet these needs into the future.

Madico's decades of auto tint experience have allowed us to introduce films we believe to be the finest available, both aesthetically and functionally.

Onyx® and Charcool® tints represent the richest black and truest gray you can find in a car tint, while providing nearly 100% UV protection, and blocking over 66% of the sun's heat. Madico tints provide a level of comfort no automobile should be without.